• Just wanted to say a very big thank you. We covered so much material with well-structured facilitation by knowledgeable and experienced speakers.

    I have already noticed a positive change in myself conducting my day job, just today a novel situation arose and I felt confident in dealing with it whereas a week ago I would have probably not have spoken up and let others lead - so thank you for that.

  • This was by far one of the best professional development opportunities I have had in a long time!

  • I was pleasantly surprised for despite not being 'technically focussed and people focussed' I came away with a much higher degree of technical understanding and focus, taking a people and leadership approach than I had expected. It was hugely beneficial and if supported through the industry, will transform emergency management.

  • This is really one of the best leadership courses I have been on. I wish I could put the non-emergency members of my team on it.

  • I have really enjoyed the structure of the course. The weekly discussions have been the highlight, as well as the input from the rest of the group  – it has all been very thought-provoking and relevant.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the course and took a lot away to reflect on.

  • We had the opportunity to apply our learning from the course almost as soon as we got home.  Our response was so more effective than it would have without the leadership course under our belts.

  • Thank you – it was a fantastic course! You’re a wealth of knowledge and it was a privilege to learn from you. The way you think is really refreshing in the EM sector. 

  • I really enjoyed the face to face course and what was presented was completely in line with my expectations. As leadership is such a vast topic, there simply isn't enough time to cover everything in the detail that could be useful to everyone and all you can ever hope to do is give people enough of a taste that they are inspired to find our more.

  • Overall, the week was a whirlwind. It was exhausting but informative, challenging, and rewarding. There wasn’t a single session where I didn’t learn something.

  • A very complex and challenging disaster to be involved with but I felt that that the training I had received through the leadership programme certainly had me well prepared for working on this multi-agency operation.

  • Have been putting all those learnings in to practise over the last week with the rain events on the xxxx River. 

  • I loved the course and engagement with everyone.

  • A great week with a good bunch of people.

  • Definitely encouraged me to change my approach and engage at an earlier stage with key partners and associates.

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