Bringing together people with response and recovery leadership roles to build the depth and breadth of their capabilities.

The Response and Recovery Leadership Development Programme (RRLDP) has been established to meet the intermediate and advanced professional development needs of individuals appointed to Controller, Response Manager, and Recovery Manager roles at all levels of emergency response or recovery above small-scale, site-specific incidents.

Recent reviews of responses to, and recovery from, a wide range of emergency situations in New Zealand and abroad, have identified the need to ensure that those in leadership roles in response and recovery have the knowledge, skills, and capabilities necessary to carry out their roles effectively in all contexts.

The programme builds on capabilities developed in training within the latest New Zealand Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) suite of standards, operational leadership training within organisations, and experience gained from actual response and recovery contexts.

The learning outcomes and course assessments are based on the Response and Recovery Leadership Capability Framework.  The Capability Framework has been developed by RRANZ and NEMA, in consultation with the wider Emergency Management sector.

Upcoming Tier One courses

31 January 2022
2 May 2022
20 June 2022
5 September 2022
21 February 2022 (Auckland)
4 April 2022
22 August 2022
21 November 2022

Programme options

The programme offers two tiers of learning:

Tier One

Tier One builds common capabilities for response and recovery. There are two parts, with Part One needing to be completed before undertaking Part Two.

Part One:
An online seven-week programme and assessment.
Part Two:
A four-day face-to-face course and assessment.

Tier Two

For those who have completed the Intermediate course, this will develop response and recovery leadership capabilities further with specialisation for the separate response and recovery leadership roles.

Currently under development.

What our participants say ...

We had the opportunity to apply our learning from the course almost as soon as we got home. Our response was so much more effective than it would have without the leadership course under our belts.

My learnings helped me in understanding the structure and communicating with my team in respect of how the functional roles support one another at all layers and levels.

After the course, I was confident that we had sufficient space to be adaptable and change ingrained working practices.

The course reinforced to me the importance of a collaborative approach to an initial impact assessment and setting the mission and objectives. 

Cancellation Policy

Participants who have been accepted into the RRANZ Programme are subject to the following fees for withdrawal, deferment, or other such cancellation of their application.

Participants who withdraw less than 4 weeks before their course start date will receive an 80% refund.  20% will be kept by RRANZ as an administrative fee.  RRANZ understands there are many reasons that can lead to participants needing to withdraw or defer their participation.  Unfortunately, it may not be possible for your place on the programme to be filled at short notice and administration fees and time-frames for withdrawal are based upon the likelihood of your place being taken by another.

Participants who defer can be added to the next available course.  All courses are subject to minimum enrolment numbers.  We will contact you at least four weeks in advance if your selected course is not running.  Participants will be entitled to a 100% refund if any course is cancelled by RRANZ.

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