Upcoming Tier One courses

15 January 2024
18 March 2024
24 June 2024
11 September 2024
4 - 8 March 2024 (Hamilton)
10 - 14 June 2024 (Auckland)
19 - 23 August 2024 (Wellington)
18 - 22 November 2024 (Location TBC)

The Response and Recovery Leadership Development Programme Tier One is made up of two parts:

  • Part 1 - a seven-week online interactive course, and
  • Part 2 - a 4.5-day face-to-face blended course.


There are seven online modules covering the following topics:
  1. Introduction
  2. A changing world
  3. Managing self
  4. Key partnerships and relationships
  5. Leadership concepts and principles
  6. People in disasters
  7. Governance and political layers

Each online module involves two to four hours of reading/videos, and a one-hour online tutorial session.

Some weeks may require more time than others. This time estimate is for the compulsory course content. Many modules contain additional material clearly marked as optional.

Online tutorial sessions are held once a week. Each session will involve a one-hour discussion with guided questions from the session facilitator. Students are required to attend a minimum of four tutorial sessions.

There is an assessment at the end of this course. You must successfully pass this before you can move on to Part 2.

Part 1 fees:  $1,090.00 (excl.gst)


This course is held over four and a half consecutive days. It includes interactive learning sessions, hazard-specific response and recovery leadership exercises, and written assignments.

The course aligns with the RRANZ Leadership Capability Framework, covering contemporary topics in the Emergency Management sector.

Part 2 fees:  $4,390.00 (excl.gst)

Example of Course Programme
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The RRANZ Leadership Capability Framework details the capabilities expected in leaders within Response and Recovery and forms the basis of the programme. Individuals can use the framework to understand their own skill levels and organisations can use it to inform staff development.

The framework is based on international research and has been workshopped with local, regional, and central government agency stakeholders.

Those undertaking the programme need:

  • Current CIMS 4 unit standard or higher qualification (or equivalent). A solid understanding of CIMS. This can be demonstrated by holding CIMS unit standards (level 4 or higher) or equivalent (e.g. ITF Intermediate course).
  • Relevant experience in emergency response or recovery, or other leadership roles.
  • Working knowledge of the respective response or recovery management processes of employing organisation.
  • Employer endorsement.
Part One:

There are THREE parts to the successful completion of the Part One online course:

  1. Review of all material provided in Takatū.
  2. Attendance and participation at a minimum of four online tutorials.
  3. Completion of the final written assessment.

To be considered for participation in the Tier One Part Two course, you need to obtain at least 51% in the final assessment.

Part Two:

There are FOUR pieces of assessment needed to complete the Part two course:

  1. Reflective journal
  2. 360-degree survey
  3. Professional development plan
  4. Assessment workbook

To be considered for participation in the Tier Two (Advanced) course, you need to get at least 6 competent grades in this assessment OR be able to demonstrate to the selection committee that you have done sufficient further professional development in areas graded as “developing".

This programme will be evaluated on a regular basis, encompassing feedback on the programme itself and the changing needs in response and recovery management.

RRANZ understands there are many reasons that can lead to participants needing to cancel or transfer their participation in our courses.  Unfortunately, it may not be possible for your place on the programme to be filled by another participant at short notice, resulting in costs being incurred by RRANZ that cannot be recouped.  The following administration fees and time frames for refund percentages are based upon the likelihood of your place being filled by another participant.

Commitment to participate in RRANZ courses brings with it the expectation that the employing organisation has made adequate arrangements to ensure that participants will be available throughout the course.

Requests for consideration of special circumstances can be made to information@rranz.org.nz.

Participants who have been accepted onto RRANZ courses are subject to the following fees for cancellation.

Part 1 (online course)

  • 30 days or more before the course starts – $50.00 administration fee
  • 8-29 days before the course starts – 50% of the course fee
  • 1-7 days before the course starts – 100% of the course fee.

Non-attendance on the day of a course is considered a cancellation, and a 100% fee will apply. 

Part 2 (face-to-face course)

  • 30 days or more before the course starts – $200 administration fee
  • 15-29 days before the course starts – 75% of course fee
  • 1-14 days before the course starts – 100% of course fee

Non-attendance on the day of a course is considered a cancellation, and a 100% fee will apply.

What our participants say ...

I have noticed a positive change in myself conducting my day job. Just today a novel situation arose and I felt confident in dealing with it whereas before the course I would have probably not have spoken up and let others lead - so thank you for that.

We had the opportunity to apply our learning from the course almost as soon as we got home. Our response was so much more effective than it would have without the leadership course under our belts.

My learnings helped me in understanding the structure and communicating with my team in respect of how the functional roles support one another at all layers and levels.

After the course, I was confident that we had sufficient space to be adaptable and change ingrained working practices.

The course reinforced to me the importance of a collaborative approach to an initial impact assessment and setting the mission and objectives. 

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